Sunday morning recovery/training

Sunday Morning 16+ years old 1-2-1 training sessions

Sunday morning

Will be focused on 1-2-1.
Places are limited.
Training will take 1h30min.
Training includes recovery/fitness/training with the ball, Physio, Testing.

Contact us for details.


Even fit, professional football players, need rest and recovery after matches and training sessions. Ignoring strains, tiredness and stiffness can lead to overtraining and injuries. Even Lionel Messi, who hates to miss games or practices, knows he has to take care of his body and rest on off days.


Each week, England’s elite academy players get about 9-12 hours of coaching. I think professional clubs would like to increase the coaching hours if possible. That’s because they understand that they need to make regular contact with their players if they are to show any drastic improvements. The more you train the more you gain.


Becoming a top level football player doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of practice, conditioning, and perseverance to become an elite football player. And it also means taking care of your body and watching what you eat. It means keeping fit and building strength. It takes discipline and it’s not always easy, but it’s well worth it if you want to play football at the highest level.